Below are some frequently asked questions and information about MusicButler. If you can't find an answer to your question/complaint, please feel free to get in touch. I'm also open to any feature requests you might have.

What is MusicButler?

MusicButler sends you a daily e-mail to let you know when musicians/bands you like release new albums (or singles, or EPs, you choose). You can add artists to follow manually, or import them in bulk from your Apple Music, Spotify, or accounts.

By default, notifications are sent via e-mail, but you can opt-out and have releases display in your personal RSS feed or on your dashboard only.

Why shouldn't I just follow them on Apple Music/Spotify?

These services don't always notify you of album releases on time, some of them will send you a notification about stuff that you aren't necessarily interested in (like tweets), and they don't show upcoming releases for your favorite musicians, which MusicButler does.

What does "Unknown Artists" mean?

When you import artists from an external service like Apple Music or Spotify, all MusicButler knows is their name. When MusicButler isn't sure about the artist it should add to your account, it will add them to the pending artists area - where you'll be able to tell it who exactly you want to follow. The artist will be remembered the next time MusicButler encounters them and won't be re-added to the "unknown artists" list.

Does MusicButler sync with music services automatically?

Yes! MusicButler supports sync for Apple Music and Spotify. You can also import public profiles from (these don't support sync though) and import your iTunes library in XML format.

Does disconnecting a music account delete my settings?

If by settings you mean unknown artists that you've previously indentified, the answer is no. MusicButler keeps a record of your imports, so even if you disconnect your (Apple Music or Spotify) account, it will still remember the "Unknown Artists" you've resolved.